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In the Era of Buyer Agents, Pay by Link Seamlessly Connects Merchants and Consumers

As e-commerce continues to flourish, models unable to keep up with conversion rates or swift checkout processes will quickly fall behind. Speed is paramount, and “contextual commerce,” also known as “light commerce,” is changing the game. YabandPay has developed a “Pay by Link” product, which enables consumers to purchase products or services directly without leaving their current platform or application.


  1. Pay by Link: Revolutionizing Digital Payments Professionally


Contextual payments emphasize providing payment methods based on a specific context; and creating a more convenient and customized professional payment experience.

Pay by Link, a payment method that sends customers a unique link, allows them to click the link and enter payment information in their browsers to complete transactions, which are dedicated to enhancing the convenience and professionalism of payments.

Pay by Link suits small businesses, service industries, offline retailers, and individual operators. This professional payment method is convenient and does not require complex technical integration. Pay By Link is ideal for merchants who need to complete transactions quickly or do not have an established store.

For merchants, Pay by Link simplifies payment, reduces payment risks, and increases transaction success rates. For users, it eliminates the need for cumbersome registration and login processes, allowing a click to complete payment and improving the overall shopping experience.


  1. Decoding the Professionalism and Flexibility of Pay by Link


Pay by Link is suitable for various merchants, especially for online shopping, invoice payments, remote services, and more. Here are some professional merchant types that are suitable for using “Pay by Link”:


Pay by Link is a professional choice for merchants who want to offer flexible payment options, simplify transaction processes, or cannot establish complex professional payment systems.


  1. YabandPay: Building a Professional and Reliable Digital Payment Link Between Professional Merchants and Users


In Europe, merchants choose Pay by Link for many reasons. Firstly, it is professional and suitable for various scenarios, from retail to the service industry. Secondly, Pay by Link aligns with European consumers’ increasingly digital payment preferences, providing a more intelligent and proficient payment option.


As a leading professional payment service provider, YabandPay’s Pay by Link solution brings multiple benefits to merchants. With YabandPay’s technical support, merchants can quickly implement Pay by Link, enhancing customers’ payment experiences. Secondly, YabandPay integrates mainstream payment methods, providing multiple payment choices for merchants and their customers. Additionally, YabandPay prioritizes payment security and compliance, offering merchants a professional and reliable payment environment.


YabandPay’s Pay by Link supports diverse payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Alipay+, and WeChat Pay. Thus, customers can always choose and trust the preferred payment method they are most habituated to.


Professional Pay by Link Usage Process

  1. merchants and consumers finalise transactions in an interactive context, such as the “buyers era” on RED (Xiaohongshu).

Users from RED (AKA merchants) become professional buyers or shopping agents by sharing and recommending products on the platform. These buyers and shopping agents influence other users’ shopping decisions, turning users into their consumer base.

  1. Merchants generate payment links through YabandPay’s professional management backend:
  • Merchants create payment links (URLs) in YabandPay’s professional backend.
  • Links contain essential transaction information, such as the amount, product information, order number, etc.
  1. Merchants send YabandPay payment links through email, SMS, instant messaging, or other professional online channels.
  2. Consumer Receives Payment Link:
  • Upon receiving the payment link, the consumer clicks on it to access a webpage containing payment information, including order details and available payment methods.
  • Consumers can choose their preferred payment method from the various options provided by YabandPay, such as credit cards, iDEAL, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. Based on the selected payment method, they input corresponding payment information, including credit card details, Alipay account, etc. (some payment methods may require identity verification).
  • After confirming the accuracy of the payment information, consumers click the confirm or pay button.
  1. Payment Processing:

YabandPay processes the consumer’s payment request, transmitting the payment information to the relevant merchants for transaction settlement.

  1. Payment Result Feedback:


The advantage of YabandPay’s Pay by Link product lies in simplifying the payment process between merchants and consumers, standardizing transactions between buyers and sellers, and protecting the financial security of both parties. Customers do not need to input complex information; they only need to click the link to complete the payment. This is especially convenient for mobile payments, remote transactions, or shopping in specific scenarios.

YabandPay supports Euro payments and extends coverage to major global markets with Pay By Link. YabandPay aims to help European merchants expand their international business fast, attracting a broader global customer base. With a deep understanding of cultural differences worldwide, YabandPay ensures the acceptance of Pay by Link in various countries and regions by providing personalized market support.

In summary, YabandPay’s Pay by Link creates a more intelligent and flexible payment experience for merchants and consumers, provides merchants with a convenient, secure, and efficient payment method and offers consumers a more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.

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