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Dutch Theme Park Introduces Automated Snack Robots! New Technology Leads the Way in Payment


YabandPay and Macrostep have joined forces to bring a unique experience to Attractiepark DippieDoe, a theme park in the Netherlands. For the first time in Europe, a park has integrated payment, retail, and fully automated unmanned machines. This innovative partnership offers local consumers and markets a more convenient, intelligent way to shop and a more diverse shopping experience, sparking excitement among theme park visitors.


01. Premiere of New Payment Solution at Dutch Theme Park

Attractiepark DippieDoe is the first theme park in Europe to have such a payment, retail, and fully automated unmanned snack machine, offering visitors an unparalleled technological experience. The unmanned snack vending machine, named DoeDoe, is designed to provide snacks and beverages for parents and children at the park. Customers only need to touch the robot to stop it. The machine allows customers to select and purchase goods freely. It facilitates easy checkout through YabandPay’s unmanned payment product, ensuring safe and smooth service and movement paths even in the event of obstacles.

YabandPay’s unmanned payment product supports merchants in integrating multiple payment methods with one click. It has a smart backend with functions such as intelligent transaction management, helping merchants achieve order management and transaction tracking functions. Whether in the catering industry, retail industry, or entertainment venues, YabandPay’s unmanned payment product can provide a comprehensive payment solution, helping you improve business efficiency, achieve sales growth, and enhance user payment experience.


02. YabandPay Empowers Merchants

YabandPay’s platform payment solution can be applied in different channels and scenarios, including online stores, physical stores, and mobile applications. Through YabandPay, merchants can easily manage their businesses, enjoy convenient and secure local and cross-border payment experiences, and meet users’ growing needs.

The YabandPay system supports multiple payment methods, providing customers diversified payment options and enhancing the shopping experience. Moreover, our customer service team is always ready to provide support and guidance, ensuring the smooth operation of your business and making potential partners and customers feel valued and supported.



YabandPay has a history in the payment industry and the field of financial innovation technology as a licensed financial technology company under Dutch Central Bank regulation. We know local market trends, cross-border projects, and the pain points of Chinese-funded enterprises. We are committed to providing online and offline local and cross-border payment solutions for merchants in 30 EEA countries and Switzerland.

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