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Alipay +

Alipay+ has connected more than 20 digital payment methods, including e-wallets, banking apps and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), covering global consumers, especially in Southeast Asia, and tens of millions of online and offline merchants around the world.

Official partner

YabandPay is the official partner of Alipay in Europe.


About Alipay+

Alipay+ currently supports wallets in South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Italy.

Country/Region Mobile Payment Partner
Philippines GCash
South Korea Kakao Pay
Singapore  GrabPay
Malaysia Boost
Malaysia Touch ‘n Go eWallet
Philippines BPI
Philippines Akulaku PayLater
Philippines Maya
Philippines BillEase
Indonesia Dana
Indonesia Akulaku PayLater
Indonesia Kredivo
Hongkong AlipayHK
Italy Tinaba
Thailand True Money
Thailand Rabbit LINE Pay


Real-time rate

When Chinese shoppers buy goods overseas, they can pay in CNY by Alipay. The local currency will be converted into CNY based on real-time rate. No more worries about currency conversion.


Multiple payment products

YabandPay supports Alipay in all scenarios available in Europe, including Quick Pay, QR code Payment, Mini Program Payment, Web Payment, In-App Payment, H5 Payment.


Customs Clearance

YabandPay can help merchants submit customs information at Alipay Merchant Platform, and send the payment information of the goods to the customs through an API, thus improving the efficiency of customs clearance.


Marketing support

In addition to providing payment services, YabandPay also provides Alipay related marketing support, such as free materials, red envelope incentives, Spring Festival special activities, summer activities and other marketing activities.

YabandPay will also create an independent merchant page on the Alipay App for merchants with physical stores to introduce the merchant, contact information, geographic location, main products, promotional images, and discount information.


iMenu Mini Program

iMenu is a free e-commerce mini program platform designed for European merchants. Multi-language, multi-template, multi-scenario, perfectly meet the needs of all businesses.

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