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WeChat mini program – Gain a terrific increase in Chinese market

What is a WeChat mini program?

WeChat mini programs are small, lightweight mobile apps which users can use to, for example, order food, book a taxi, or pay bills. The WeChat mini programs are built on the WeChat App and can be accessed through WeChat’s “Mini Programs” directory. Unlike regular apps, mini programs do not require the installation of a separate App. Users can just open the mini program and use it right away within WeChat App. Since mini programs are only small programs that run within the WeChat App, they are considered fast and efficient with very few storage requirements.

Why develop a WeChat mini program?

It is highly advised for overseas businesses looking to enter the Chinese market to develop a WeChat mini program. By the end of 2022, there were more than 7.8 million mini programs, including WeChat mini program, Alipay mini program (similar to WeChat mini programs. The difference is that Alipay mini programs running within Alipay can only be accessed within the Alipay app and only accept Alipay), with more than 800 million DAUs (Daily Active Users) and more than 12 uses per capita. It is easy to see how mini programs have infiltrated every aspect of Internet users’ lives. Among them, the DAU of WeChat mini programs exceeds 600 million.

With the WeChat mini program, it is easier to get in touch with Chinese customers. WeChat has a lot of traffic covering different age groups and consumer groups. It is not only a social software but an ecosystem linking companies and individual users with various features such as instant messaging, WeChat mini programs, WeChat moments and live streaming WeChat official account. WeChat mini programs can receive such objective traffic due to the support of the entire WeChat ecosystem.

How to pay in a WeChat mini program?

WeChat mini programs can only accept WeChat Pay. For overseas companies, the most important thing to do before developing a WeChat mini program is to enable WeChat cross-border payment (also called WeChat Pay). YabandPay’s systems can support all payment possibilities including WeChat mini program. By integrating WeChat Pay provided by YabandPay, customers could pay within WeChat ecosystem smoothly.

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