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The transaction is credit: Business loans unlock opportunities and create possibilities.

Capital serves as the lifeblood of any business. Growing enterprises require sustained financial backing to establish, expand, and thrive in a flourishing commercial environment. As a European fintech payment institution, YabandPay provides unsecured short-term loan services to businesses, facilitating breakthroughs in their business goals and seamlessly embarking on new chapters.


Business Loans

Unsecured loans, a form of financing not requiring asset collateral, particularly suit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a financing solution. Merchants can obtain financial support based on their creditworthiness and business conditions. Unlike traditional secured loans, unsecured loans offer greater flexibility, faster approval speeds, and adaptability to various enterprise types. Especially for merchants with urgent cash flow needs, expansion plans, bulk product purchases, or prepayment of deposits, unsecured loans undoubtedly provide a quick and flexible financing avenue.

YabandPay has developed a tailored and flexible business loan solution for merchants to address such needs. Merchants utilizing YabandPay’s payment services are prioritized for loan opportunities. Loan amounts are approximately twice the monthly average transaction volume, up to €/£1,000,000, with approval granted in as fast as 24 hours. Loan funds can be allocated for any business purpose, such as procurement, administrative expenses, etc. Additionally, the repayment plan is highly flexible, allowing merchants to choose to repay between 1%-20% of their monthly transaction volume.


Supporting Business Expansion

Europe’s diverse and thriving business environment presents challenges with cash flow shortages for enterprises across industries. Particularly for startups, SMEs, and growing enterprises, additional financial support is often needed to propel rapid business growth. While providing payment solutions for merchants, YabandPay also offers unsecured loan products to expedite merchant business development. Unsecured loan services cater to various merchant types, including but not limited to retailers, restaurants, service providers, and online merchants:


Benefits of Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans offer several advantages to merchants:
Advantages of Choosing YabandPay:

YabandPay keeps you safe.

As a regulated fintech company, YabandPay is committed to providing secure and efficient payment and financial solutions for merchants. Our unsecured loan products comply with strict European financial regulations, ensuring fund security and compliance. Choosing YabandPay means merchants can confidently obtain reliable financial support to achieve rapid business growth and development.

YabandPay’s unsecured loan service offers European merchants a safe, fast, and flexible financial solution. Whether a startup or a large enterprise, merchants can obtain financial support through YabandPay’s unsecured loans to address various business challenges. YabandPay means choosing a safe and reliable financial partner to help merchants grow and develop continuously.

Through YabandPay’s unsecured loans, merchants can confidently face market opportunities and challenges and realize their business goals and dreams. Contact us to learn more!

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