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YabandPay News | Alipay Announces Major Upgrade to Enhance Cross-Border Payment Services Co., Ltd. has significantly upgraded its existing services to offer a more diversified and streamlined experience for its acquiring partners and merchants. This enhancement will integrate Alipay into the Alipay+ Solution, a comprehensive platform for all digital wallets.

Effective September 30, 2024, Alipay Services will be phased out as Alipay transitions into one of the digital wallets under the Alipay+ Solution. This change will enable partners to access digital wallet services through a unified platform.


Key Changes:

To ensure business continuity, merchants needing to integrate Alipay+ solutions and those already using Alipay services can contact YabandPay. YabandPay will assist with the necessary payment and technical upgrades.


YabandPay appreciates our merchants’ ongoing support and cooperation and is committed to providing innovative cross-border payment solutions.

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