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New Opportunities in Cross-Border E-Commerce: How YabandPay Enhances Merchant Expansion with Compliant Payment Solutions


With the acceleration of globalisation, cross-border e-commerce has seen explosive growth, and an increasing number of Chinese merchants are targeting international markets. However, cross-border payment issues have become a significant challenge for merchants. Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aiming to expand their overseas business, the complexity and risks associated with cross-border payments can

YabandPay News | Alipay Announces Major Upgrade to Enhance Cross-Border Payment Services

| Co., Ltd. has significantly upgraded its existing services to offer a more diversified and streamlined experience for its acquiring partners and merchants. This enhancement will integrate Alipay into the Alipay+ Solution, a comprehensive platform for all digital wallets. Effective September 30, 2024, Alipay Services will be phased out as Alipay transitions into one of

The transaction is credit: Business loans unlock opportunities and create possibilities.


Capital serves as the lifeblood of any business. Growing enterprises require sustained financial backing to establish, expand, and thrive in a flourishing commercial environment. As a European fintech payment institution, YabandPay provides unsecured short-term loan services to businesses, facilitating breakthroughs in their business goals and seamlessly embarking on new chapters.   Business Loans Unsecured loans,

YabandPay News | iDEAL Upgrade! Merchants Profit More, Consumers Experience Greater Convenience


The latest update from the Netherlands’ leading payment method, iDEAL, reveals that starting mid-April, consumers can now create accounts, enabling faster and safer online shopping experiences. This enhancement boosts conversion rates and customer satisfaction for online retailers and provides added convenience for consumers. Currently, iDEAL processes approximately 1.3 billion transactions annually, representing 73% of the

Dutch Theme Park Introduces Automated Snack Robots! New Technology Leads the Way in Payment


Introduction YabandPay and Macrostep have joined forces to bring a unique experience to Attractiepark DippieDoe, a theme park in the Netherlands. For the first time in Europe, a park has integrated payment, retail, and fully automated unmanned machines. This innovative partnership offers local consumers and markets a more convenient, intelligent way to shop and a

YabandPay at ITB: The Resurgence of Chinese Tourists in the Global Market and Emerging Payment Trends


Introduction: In recent years, the global tourism and hotel industry experienced a downturn due to the impact of the pandemic. As the situation gradually comes under control, the industry is now witnessing the dawn of recovery. 1. Resurgence Trends in the Global Tourism and Hotel Industry: Tourism and the hotel business are slowly recovering, according

YabandPay News | The new EU regulations are now officially implemented, cracking down on tax fraud in e-commerce.


On February 18, 2020, the European Council passed a directive (Directive EU 2020/284; also known as PSP-CESOP, Payment Service Providers—Central Electronic System of Payment Information), mandating that payment service providers (including banks, electronic money institutions, payment institutions, etc.) must report all payment records of member states and transaction information of beneficiaries (“payment receivers/merchants”).   PSP-CESOP

In the Era of Buyer Agents, Pay by Link Seamlessly Connects Merchants and Consumers


As e-commerce continues to flourish, models unable to keep up with conversion rates or swift checkout processes will quickly fall behind. Speed is paramount, and “contextual commerce,” also known as “light commerce,” is changing the game. YabandPay has developed a “Pay by Link” product, which enables consumers to purchase products or services directly without leaving

Bridging the Gap Between Chinese Consumers and European Merchants:YabandPay Announces Collaboration with UnionPay


“YabandPay officially joins UnionPay as an acquirer, enabling European merchants to access comprehensive UnionPay payment products, including QR code payments and UnionPay QuickPass.”   As a licensed payment institution based in the Netherlands, YabandPay is committed to providing convenient one-stop payment solutions for European merchants. This ensures that consumers can always choose trusted and familiar